Class Descriptions

Beginning Yoga

Your classic introduction to yoga.  We'll give you a firm foundation by explaining poses and transitions and teaching you the version that makes sense in your body. Enjoy a light-hearted and fun atmosphere as you build confidence by becoming stronger and longer. The Great Yoga Wall will be used frequently.


All Levels + Beginner

Following a flowing breath based warm up, you'll find stability, space, length, and freedom in standing poses. Complete this well-balanced practice by stretching and a cooling down.  Poses and transitions will be thoroughly taught and practiced. The Great Yoga Wall will be used frequently.


SmartFLOW 1/2

The intensity picks up in this flow class that includes sun salutations and longer holds in standing poses. More advanced postures and simple backbends and inversions are introduced and taught. Plenty of time is reserved to bring the body and mind back into balance with seated twists and folds before sinking into a well-earned final relaxation. The Great Yoga Wall will be used frequently.


Vinyasa 2

This invigorating, breath based practice starts by calmly warming up through opening poses that hint at the focus of the class.  Alignment based verbal cues will guide you through an active and safe practice including sun salutations, allowing you to deepen your poses building flexibility and strength. The class may explore the possibility of more challenging postures like arm balances, inversions and backbends. It will softly unwind with relaxing and soothing poses preparing you for savasana. Not recommended for beginners.


SmartFLOW 2 

Turn up with your ujayi breath, open mind, and stable core, for this challenging class that regularly features long holds, arm balances, backbending, and multiple sun salutations. This one might drive you to your edge, but bring you back to stable ground just in time to enjoy sweet savasana. The Great Yoga Wall is used regularly.


Neck, Shoulders, Hips

You'll identify and root out the nooks and crannies where your tension and stress reside in this therapeutic class. Kathleen will teach you how to release issues in your tissues through body rolling and then do deep supported stretching and aligning using the Great Yoga Wall. No yoga experience is required. Please wear tight fitted clothing.


Yin + Yang: Strength + Flexibility

 Well-balanced and beginner-friendly, this class starts with The Yang: a flow that focuses on stability, strength, and core. Once the body is warm and pliable, let the Yin begin! We'll use The Great Yoga Wall and props to help you find flexibility in longer-held stretches. The breath and soft music encourage you & your body to dive in deep.


Gentle Yoga

Rebalance and restore with this gentle but steady practice. You'll learn to melt tension and reset your mind and body using the breath; props will be used for support. This class is structured around healing and rejuvenating and is suitable for all practitioners looking for a slower paced class.



Set to music, the rhythm of this mindful flow will lure you out of your work day, onto your mat, and into your practice. Linking movement with breath, we'll slowly open up the mind and body by exploring elements of flexibility, strength, and balance.



We'll sweep off the cobwebs with a thorough warm-up, find fluid and powerful movement with sun salutations, ground into standing poses to open hips, and add arm variations to loosen shoulders. The big finish will include some combination of twists, forward and back bending, and/or inversions. It'll be fast but deep. You'll leave feeling calm, balanced, and ready for a hot shower and prepared to tackle your day.


All Levels Vinyasa

This breath-based flow will start with linking simple movements to the rhythm of the breath and will systematically warm the body with intelligence and specificity. We'll move into sun salutations and standing poses to find flexibility and stability. Class may include standing balances, arm balances, backbends and forward bends. Modifications are available and encouraged.