What's The Story?


 We take our yoga seriously at Second Story.  We approach our lives and the mat wholeheartedly, passionately, and with deep respect.

Experience has taught us that you and your body are inherently unique. Our instructors are educated and experienced in teaching individuals within a group setting (or private if you prefer) in a way that encourages inquiry and promotes self-exploration. We’ll guide you into your practice by explaining the benefit of each position, and then use specific cues to help you find the version of the pose that is best for you. 

Because a student who is new-to-yoga requires different instruction than an experienced one, our classes are broken down by level.  In beginning classes you can expect more basic instruction. Our higher-level classes attract a practitioner who is ready to receive more subtle instruction that helps refine and deepen the practice. 
The physical practice of yoga is just where The Story begins.  Over time and with consistency, you’ll discover a stronger, kinder, more awake version of yourself.
You’ll find no big box, scripted, franchised, fused, or one-size-fits all yoga in this place.  End Of Story

What's SmartFLOW?

Created by Annie Carpenter, SmartFLOW methodology is an intelligent marriage of mindful movement with compassionate, wakeful alignment. SmartFLOW classes are at once advanced and challenging, yet safe and playful. For more information on Annie Carpenter or SmartFLOW Yoga, please visit anniecarpenter.com

What's the Great Yoga Wall?

Beloved and revered by yogis of all experience levels, ages and body types, the Great Yoga Wall acts as a partner to help find stability, strength, flexibility, and traction depending on the focus and level of the class. Teachers give very specific instruction to help acclimate students to the wall. No wall experience is necessary or expected. Come one, come all, y'all.